Green Sea Turtle poking head out of the water with the text, "Volunteer / Many opportunities, one goal"

Most of the environmental stewardship work that takes place in New Smyrna Beach and the rest of Volusia County is conducted by dedicated citizen volunteers who have a little spare time and love the beach! You can get involved with any of the volunteer programs below by contacting the appropriate program director by phone or email.


 For the NSB Turtle Trackers — Enrollment period:

Applications accepted from January 15-February 28 each year.

Must be available several days of the week for early morning start (sunrise)

between May 1 and October 31.  Annual pre-season training required.  Must be 18 years of age.

To get a 2019 New Volunteer Application

send an email to  

(Attention Jennifer Cherry)


NSB Turtle Trackers | Sea turtle nesting survey volunteers (May-October)

During sea turtle nesting season, dedicated sea turtle volunteers survey the sandy beaches every day at sunrise to look for evidence of sea turtle nesting and hatching activity from the night before. Many dedicated volunteers of the former Volusia Sea Turtle Society have joined the efforts of the New Smyrna Beach Marine Turtle Conservancy to monitor and protect sea turtle nesting in New Smyrna Beach.

Nesting surveyors, also called the NSB Turtle Trackers, are a group of volunteers that dedicate 1-3 early mornings each week during nesting season. Survey work is often hot, sandy, and buggy, and volunteers must endure physically demanding conditions while collecting accurate scientific data. Nesting survey positions are limited by permitting restrictions and participants must undergo extensive training by FWC, Volusia County Environmental Management, and EAI Biologists.

Rex relocating 2013

NSB Turtle Trackers volunteer carefully relocating sea turtle eggs to a safer location

NSB Marine Turtle Conservancy| Education & fundraising volunteers (year-round)



If early mornings are not for you, but you would like to support our volunteer efforts, help is always needed in our educational and fundraising programs. Volunteers present educational programs for schools, civic organizations and other groups. Many volunteers are also needed to help with our educational displays and booths at special events, including the Seaside Fiesta and Turtle Odyssey in New Smyrna Beach, and Turtle Day at the Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet. We also encourage all volunteers to walk with us in the Christmas Parade in December to help raise awareness and support for sea turtles in New Smyrna Beach.

For more information about becoming a volunteer with the NSB Marine Turtle Conservancy, email


Volusia County Washback Watchers (August-November)

Sea turtle hatchling caught in seaweed and washed back onto shore

“Washback” post-hatchling sea turtle

Are you an avid beachcomber who is interested in looking for more than just sea shells at the beach? If you are, join the Washback Watcher program! This team of permitted volunteers is trained to find and rescue young sea turtles that wash ashore in heavy winds and surf. From August through November, volunteers help search through deposits of seaweed for sea turtles along their favorite section of beach. Training takes place in late June or July. For more information, contact Volusia County Environmental Management staff at 386-238-4716 or 238-4668.


Volusia County Beach Clean-ups

Every time you visit the beach, you can help to keep it clean by picking up trash and depositing it in the proper bin for disposal or recycling. A clean beach is more pleasing to look at and is also safer for beach wildlife.

Volusia County hosts the International Coastal and Halifax-Indian River Clean-up on the third Saturday of September. This worldwide volunteer event helps us to understand what trash is plaguing our environment by recording the amounts of each type of trash removed from the beach.

The Adopt-a-Beach program is another great way to help keep your favorite mile of beach clean. With support and provided supplies, adopters (families, companies, organizations) clean their designated mile of beach at least four times a year and report their findings for an annual summary. Adopt your own mile of beach to clean, or help the NSB Turtle Trackers clean our adopted mile of New Smyrna Beach four times each year.

For more information, contact Volusia County Environmental Management Staff at 386-238-4716.

Adopt A Beach Clean Up 2-19-13

NSB Turtle Trackers cleaning up our adopted mile in New Smyrna Beach